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As part of a National Accounting Company with a Wealth Advisory we have been honoured to work with many developers over the past 25 years.Co-developments property investment Australia

Throughout these relationships we have been able to develop a unique robust system that enables our clients the opportunities to transact direct with developers & share in the development profits.

Our well-established and proven system ensures that:

  • Corporate accountants manage the books, solicitors & securities companies manage the money;
  • No payments are made direct to builders with double checking;
  • Sales are pre-determined;
  • Each deal is assessed on a project by project basis; and
  • If the numbers work the numbers work – if not we don’t do it.

WD Property Group focus on understanding consumer needs and those of investors. What makes our developments great places to live or invest is that we have robust due diligence, have a board of directors that approve all projects, we select suburbs that are high growth with good yields and we have a proven track record.

As this is a specialist invitation-only offer, we invite you to join our WD Property Club FREE. As a member, you will receive exclusive access to these co-development opportunities as well as other pre-release off the plan developments & pre-market properties.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s available to you when you sign up FREE to the WD Property Club!

4 Luxury Town Homes
Manufactured Equity 12%
Investment starts from $35,000
Fully Subscribed
$910,000 Total Capital Raised
Find out more about Bulimba here.

Hood Street, Sherwood
14 units
Manufactured equity 23%
Investment starts from $163,000
Status: Fully subscribed
$1,186,000 Total Capital RaisedWDBAnner

Sherwood Road, Sherwood
30 Units
Manufactured equity 21%
Investment starts from $167,000
Status: Fully Subscribed
$2,956,000 Total Capital Raised

6 Townhouses
Manufactured Equity 12%
Investment starts from $30,000
Status: Fully Subscribed
$610,000 Total Capital Raised

Managed Fund
Investment term: Two  years
ixed return: 30%
Minimum Investment: $20,000
Maximum Investment: $3,000,000
Status: Open. Get your copy of the PDS here

Scarborough QLD
4 Luxury Apartments. Investment starts from $30,000. 
Manufactured Equity 12%. $633,242 ($353,242 remain) Total Capital Raised
Status: Open.  Get your free copy of the information memorandum here – simply register for the WD Property Club free!
4 Luxury Penthouses. Investment starts from $208,719. $889,678 Total Capital Raised.
Fully Subscribed


Why register for the WD Property Club?

  • You get access to opportunities not available to the general public
  • You will have the first right to buy properties that suit your investment needsWealth Doctors Property Club
  • You’ll be invited to exclusive pre sale events by the developer, to see if the future project interests you
  • You will have exclusive access to all future projects
  • It’s obligation free
  • We’ll show you how to be a developer
  • You’ll receive unlimited access to free resources such as ebooks, toolkits, calculators and more
  • Did we mention it is free?

Don’t miss your opportunity to discover the world of property investment, co-development and more. Become a member today!

SIGN UP FREE NOW for unlimited access to our property resources, exclusive previews of new listings and much more!